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Live Edge Bench

Custom Home Furnishings

Together with you, we design furnishings from solid, eco-friendly hardwoods for future generations.
Custom Live Edge Furniture
Our sawmill in action

Sawing and Kiln Drying

We cut your logs into lumber and then kiln dry that lumber into wood you can use for your next project.
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  • Slabs Everywhere...
    Custom Home Furnishings

    We carry a large inventory of live edge slabs of all sizes. Lengths up to 20 foot, Widths up to 36" and beyond, thicknesses up to 3 1/2". All Kiln Dried. Many bookmatched pairs.

    We build custom design home furnishings made from thick, solid, live-edge hardwood slabs: walnut, oak, cherry, ash, elm, and more. No veneer here... Over the years we have built a large number of projects such as: dining room tables, coffee/end tables, mantels, countertops, benches, cabinets, wood turnings, etc.

    Ash live Edge Liquor Cabinet
  • Custom Molder Added

    This year we added a Logosol PH260 4 sided Planer/Molder that can produce a wide range of patterns, including planed lumber, moldings, flooring, V-Groove Paneling and more. The variety of planer and molding profiles we can produce using the PH260 is AMAZING!

    Contact us about the type of molding, paneling, or flooring you need! We have lots of experience meeting custom millwork needs.

    Custom Hardwood Oak Flooring
  • Drying Time

    By 2007 we had many piles of air drying lumber. We needed a better, faster solution. That year we expanded our offering to both cutting and drying hardwood lumber. We added our first express vacuum wood kiln that can dry lumber almost 10 times faster and more thoroughly than a traditional wood kiln.

    We now run 2 vacuum kilns that are at the heart of our operation. We dry both thin and thick wood slabs on a continuous basis.

    Express Vacuum Wood Kiln
  • Started By Accident

    We love to be in the outdoors and work with wood. A bad storm took down dozens of trees on our property. We could not find anyone to help us reclaim those logs, so we decided to do it our self. We bought our first sawmill to cut our own logs for our own projects. We loved every minute of cutting!

    After a year or two of cutting for ourselves, friends starting asking if we could do something with their logs/trees. It is a wonderful process to see beautiful lumber coming from logs that were destined for the firewood pile. Lemons to lemonade!

    An early photo of cutting with the sawmill

who are we

Run of the Mill is a family-owned business located in Mankato MN. The owner's name is John Kaliski. Our mission is to provide high quality, onsite sawmilling and kiln drying services and products to the small and medium-sized landowner in the Southern Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin areas. We are not the largest sawmill, wood business but we take tremendous pride in what we do. Our customers enjoy working with us.

We are wood workers with a passion for trees and a love for being outdoors.

Our interest in sawmills started from adversity. In 2001 a bad storm blew down many large hard Maple and Ash trees on our property. Not wanting to waste the trees and being tired of paying sky high hardwood prices, we checked into our options. Tree services were too expensive; the job was too small for loggers and we did not want their heavy equipment to further damage our land. Thus Run of the Mill was born.

In the years we have been doing this we have added many services including express vacuum kiln drying and millwork processing such as flooring, paneling, live edge slabs, mantels, bartops, etc.