Custom Elegant Walnut Dining Table

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We work with you to design one of a kind tables that match your style!
A Beautiful Elm Center Island  Returned Back To Where The Tree Once Stood

Made responsibly. Giving a tree a second life!

Run Of The Mill's live edge tables are crafted using trees felled from neighborhoods due to hazard or declining health. The wood is kiln dried and made into an heirloom of your choice.
Amazing Elm Coffee Table

Highlight Nature's Beauty

Using locally-sourced hardwoods, we highlight the natural beauty in the wood.
Beautiful End Grain Cookie Coffee Table

More Than Just Straight Lines

We love to work with you to create one of a kind pieces. Contact us - We love a challenge
Live Edge Table Custom Table

Forget The Rules
Let's Be Creative!

Want to mix wood species? Wood and steel? Novel design with who knows what ;-)
Got an inspiration of something special you want to do?

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Large Inventory of Live Edge Slabs

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We have a large selection of material to choose from to build the perfect piece in the perfect specie and size
Entry way Live Edge Pine Bench

Creative Solutions

Our designer helps you to get the most of the material you have

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We are proud to announce that we offer custom wood tables. Using either your wood or ours, we work with you to design and build custom heirloom dining tables that will last generations. With all of our work we emphasize the natural beauty of the wood we use.

The wood we use is locally sourced and so is our designer. You meet with the local artisan that will design and build your one of a kind table.

Most of our tables are made from thick, solid, live-edge hardwood slabs: walnut, oak, cherry, ash, elm, and more. No veneer here... Over the years we have built a large number of projects such as: dining room tables, coffee/end tables, mantels, countertops, benches, cabinets, wood turnings, etc.

All of it is harvested locally and in an environmentally sensitive manner. Got your own tree/log that you would like to see made into something wonderful? Yes!!!! Let us help you to make that a reality!

The process starts with a phone call or an email.

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We pride ourselves in customer service. We have many years of working together with our customers to find the best, custom solution for their needs. Give us a call or send a note and try us out!