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What Does It Take?

Just like you, we like everything to be easy to understand. Here are the steps involved in making a wood slab surface (table, countertop, island top, etc.) We can do it all for you or you can save money (and have fun to boot!) by doing some of the work yourself.

Below is the step by step process needed to produce a beautiful, solid wood surface that will last for generations. First acquaint yourself with the process, and then decide if you want us to build it all for you or if you want to do some of the steps. Finally use the calculator to see what it will cost.

The Process

  • It Starts With A Flat Slab

    Kiln dried wood slabs must first be re-flattened on both sides to remove any irregularities that happened during drying. Both sides are flattened to enable further processing of the slab and to ensure the finished surface can be easily installed. During the 2 sided flattening step, the thickness of the slab is commonly reduced by roughly 1/2". Want to DYI? Check out this YouTube Video.


    First Step is To Flatten the Slab
  • Preparing The Surface

    Next rough preparation of the surface is done. This includes rough sanding for smoothness, small crack repair and edge sculpting.


    Second step is rough sanding, edge sculpting and small crack repair
  • Gluing Up Your Surface

    Need a surface wider than the slabs we have? No problem. We specialize in gluing together bookmatched sets of live edge slabs from the same log to reach your target width. By carefully matching the natural features in the slab your surface will have a symmetric beauty. Frequently our customers say they cant even see the glue line!

    $20/Linear FT

    Glue 2 or More Slabs From The Same Log To Get To Your Target Width
  • Major Repairs/Enhancements

    It is common to find cracks, insect holes, small sections of rotted/soft wood, etc in slabs taken from large, old trees. We love to emphasize this natural character in the wood. Depending on your preference this can either be left in it's natural state or can be stabilized/enhanced with bow ties/butterflies and wood epoxy. If this applies to your surface contact us for recommendations on how to best do the enhancement and what it will cost.

    $100/Bow Tie. Other Enhancements: $80/Hr. Est hours given before work begins.

    Use wood bow ties, epoxy, inlays, etc to enhance the surface
  • Finish Sanding & Exact Sizing

    Breakout the sandpaper! Your surface is cut to it's final size and the detail sanding is done. Surfaces are sanded several times at progressively finer grits up to 240 using hand tools. If you are want to be part of building your surface and save money to boot, this is a good step to consider taking over.


    Careful, detail sanding is done in preparation of finish.
  • Finish with Luster

    The last step is applying the finish. We use a variety of both water and oil-based finishes based on the color and durability requirements. For most projects we apply at least 5 coats to top/3 coats to the bottom surfaces to both seal and protect the wood for generations.


    Final Step -- Apply finish to enhance the color and durability of the surface for years to come