Custom Millwork

Need Flooring? Moldings? Paneling? Stairs?

custom millwork

A beautiful black ash, wide plank floor we built. Flooring, paneling, mantel and beams all with our wood.
Ash Paneling: Make beautiful furniture, flooring, paneling and more A 2 story V-Groove wall.
Museum room with rustic floors, beams, etc. Custom oak and walnut railing

We have a Logosol PH260 4 sided Planer/Molder that can produce a wide range of patterns, including planed lumber, moldings, flooring, V-Groove Paneling and more. The variety of planer and molding profiles we can produce using the PH260 is AMAZING!

Contact us about the type of molding, paneling, or flooring you need! We have lots of experience meeting custom millwork needs.