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Reclaimed Urban Hardwood Logs to Sell?

reclaimed hardwood logs

All of the logs we use come exclusively from sustainable harvesting practices. We do on occasion purchase logs from private individuals -- never from loggers. We buy end of life logs, logs damaged in storms, etc. We never cut down healthy trees for ANY REASON. The environment is as important to us as it is to you!

We can NEVER cut a tree down for you as a trade for the logs. Cutting trees down is dangerous work that is best left to a skilled tree service professional. We are not bonded nor insured for that work.

The prices for logs varies considerably and is dependent on the size, grade, and species of the log. Urban log are worth less than forest logs because of the high likelihood of metal in the logs. We are especially interested in large diameter (more than 30") logs. The species we focus on are walnut, red elm, black ash and oak. We are able to pickup the logs at your location but this will greatly reduce how much we are willing to pay for the logs.

The value of logs/the price we are able to pay for logs is usually less than people expect. It is NEVER a good idea to cut down a healthy tree for the money made in just selling the logs. It is a lot of work for very little money and the healthy tree provides more value to the world as a tree!

Contact us is you are interested in selling logs. In the message please include the number, size, and species of the logs you are selling.