Classic live edge center island with matching cart

Solid Wood, Live Edge Home Furnishings

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No veneer here. Want an heirloom that will last for generations? We can design and build it for you either from your wood or ours!
Thick oak slab being dried in our express vacuum kiln

Wood Kiln Drying

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After sawing your lumber must be dried before you use it in your projects. Kiln drying your lumber will get you the most amount of usable wood in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort, space and staining.
Sawmill Service : Custom Log Sawing

Sawmill Service

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Want your logs sawn? Either way we'll cut the lumber and slabs to your specifications.

Our Wood Services

Custom Home Furnishings Design
Using either your wood or ours, we work with you to design and build custom heirloom pieces that will last generations. With all of our work we emphasize the natural beauty of the wood we use.

The variety of furnishings we have built over the years is as varied as our customers. Dinning room tables, center islands, mantels, bar tops, counter tops, just to name a few. Talk to us -- we love a challenge! Are you new to this whole process? Have questions on how the process works? We can help.

Learn more about the custom design furnishing we build.
Express Kiln Vacuum Drying
Need to know how to dry lumber? We offer a kiln drying system as an option for drying your lumber. At an additional cost your hardwood lumber can be dried in a matter of days! Kiln drying your lumber is the best way to get the most out of the your hardwood lumber with the least amount of effort and space. Usually within a week of cutting your logs you can have properly dried lumber that you can use. Visit our kiln drying system page for more information.

Our vacuum kilns can dry an amazing variety of species and sizes. We often dry both thick wood slabs and dimensional lumber.

Some of our customers choose to air dry their wood. This is the slowest but least costly way of drying the hardwood lumber before it is used. Drying Your Lumber shows you the best way to air dry your own hardwood lumber.
Sawmill Service
We convert logs to lumber. In a typical day we can cut 1200 square feet (board feet) of lumber or more; the exact production varies by species of the wood, size of the logs, and amount of owner help. We can also advise you how to get the most of the logs and trees you have.

New to the process? No problem; check out our Custom sawing page for an easy start. Want to know what is will cost? Check out our pricebook.

Our What To Expect page is a good place to start. We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page to help you to better understand the process. Sizing your job will help to give you a rough estimate of how much wood you'll get from your trees and how long it will take to mill the logs to lumber.
Woodshop on Demand
Need live edge wood slabs cut? Flattened? Sanded? Resawn? Finished? We have all the tools to take your lumber to the next level. Ala carte: we do what you need without hidden up-charges. Not sure what you need? That is OK too; we can help!

We have a wide array of wood working services. We can do what you need done.