Live Edge Hardwood Slabs

We are proud to announce the opening of our online store. We are adding a great selection of live edge wood slabs, reclaimed barnwood, live edge furniture and more. Come back when you can -- we are adding new items on a daily basis!


Do you need custom designed wood furniture? We have our own local artisan designer/craftsman who can work with you to build the custom, heirloom furniture you have always wanted. Learn about the process and see the possibilities!

Run Of The Mill offers a huge selection of live edge slabs: walnut, oak, ash, red elm, cherry and more. All of your slabs have been cut and kiln dried down to 8% moisture and have be resurfaced to within 1/16" accuracy. We look for the most interesting log to make our live edge wood slabs out of. The slabs are anywhere from 12" to 30" wide, 2" to 3" thick, and 4 to 12 ft long. Most of our slabs have either 1 or 2 live (natural) edges. If you are interested in book matching your slabs just let us know. Virtually all of our slabs may be purchased along with its bookmatch! Can't find the slab you wanted? Let us know what you need. We have many in stock that aren't yet on the shopping cart and we are cutting new slabs on almost a daily basis.

We also have 8/4 (2 inch thick) to 16/4 (4 inches thick) stock in inventory at all times. Special and contract cutting orders are welcome; we can cut lumber to your size and grade specification. Quarter sawn and matched lumber are possible as is resawn lumber. The species in our inventory varies over time; we have a large supply live edge slabs in Walnut, Ash, Elm, Hard Maple, etc.

Deciding on a wood to choose for your project? Beyond availability, appearance and cost you should also consider the hardness and durability required of the wood. This is especially important for high traffic wood projects like flooring. Visit our Janka Hardness Scale page to learn more. We know wood; we're wood workers just like you. Ask us -- we can help. All of our wood comes from the upper midwest and is harvested following proper sustainable forestry practices.

Need your slab planed? Edged? We also have a Logosol PH260 4 sided Planer/Molder to produce planed lumber, moldings, flooring and more.

Contact us for more information.

The Products We Sell

We are a "full service" shop and can do all of the steps to turn your logs into lumber and beyond. We specialize in thick stock surfaces, mantels, live edge slabs, and beams.
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    We are proud to announce our online store. We are adding product on almost a daily basis.
  • Hardwood Sales
    We mostly work in oak, walnut, ash, and maple.
  • Live Edge Slabs
    Live edge slabs make beautiful and unique surfaces of all kinds.
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    The pricing is ala carte. We do as much or as little as you want.

Our Work

Custom made flooring from your logs
Custom designed and built live edge slab furniture
Sustainably Harvested  Live Edged Wood Slab
We produce a variety of Millwork