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Our Projects

Live Edge Slab Furniture
We look for the most interesting log to make our live edge wood slabs out of. The slabs are anywhere from 12" to 30" wide, 2" to 3" thick, and 4 to 12 ft long. Most of our slabs have either 1 or 2 live (natural) edges. Species include: walnut, hard maple, ash, oak, elm, and more. Check our Hardwood Slabs and Custom Designed Home Furnishings pages to learn more.

Using either your wood or ours, we work with you to design and build custom heirloom pieces that will last generations. With all of our work we emphasize the natural beauty of the wood we use.

Our usual live edge projects include:
  • Dining Tables
  • Counter/Bar/Island tops
  • Shelves
  • Mantels
  • etc....
Custom Millwork
Need help on a project? Run Of The Mill produces high quality, kiln dried hardwood lumber. We also have a Logosol PH260 4 sided Planer/Molder to produce planed lumber, moldings, flooring and more. The variety of planer and molding profiles we can produce using the PH260 is AMAZING! Contact us about the type of molding, paneling, or flooring you need! Check out Custom Millwork page or just drop us a note and we can help you with the process.
Our usual millwork projects include:
  • Standard/custom sized finished lumber
  • Hardwood flooring Up To 7" wide!
  • Paneling
  • Stair components
  • Moldings: casements, baseboards, ....
Trees to Treasures
Do you have ash trees that are being removed? Hate to see the wood go into the landfill or be burned? Ash is a REMARKABLE wood. We have done many, many projects with ash including paneling, flooring, mantels, beams, etc. Learn What You Can Do With Your Ash Logs
Got Logs?
Do you have to remove a hardwood tree that has died or because of construction you are doing? Instead of cutting your valuable tree up for firewood or paying to landfill the wood, we can convert your logs into a finished product that you can use in your home. Flooring, paneling, moldings, boards, casements, and fireplace mantels are only some of the things you can get from your logs. This is both better for the environment and cheaper for you.

Are you new to having logs sawn or lumber dried/milled? Have questions on how the process works? We can help. Our What To Expect page is a good place to start. Sizing your job will help to give you a rough estimate of how much wood you'll get from your trees and how long it'll take to mill the logs to lumber. Contact us for more information before you cut your tree down.

Our usual projects include:
  • Standard/custom sized kiln dried lumber
  • Hardwood slabs
  • Furniture of all sorts
  • Hardwood cookies
  • Stair components

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to sawmilling and millwork, figuring out what you need done, what it will cost, how long it will take, etc can be confusing. We work with people new to this type of service very frequently. Each person's job is different. We pride ourselves in being able to explain what we do and in offering helpful suggestions to our customers. Send us a note describing what you are considering and we can help!
Are you new to having logs sawn or lumber dried/milled? Have questions on how the process works?
We can help. Our What To Expect page is a good place to start. We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page to help you understand the process better. Also Contact Us for more information.
Do you need custom designed wood furniture?
We have our own local artisan designer/craftsman who can work with you to build the custom, heirloom furniture you have always wanted. Learn about the process and see the possibilities!
So how much is it going to cost me?
Every job is different and is billed on an ala-carte basis. Before any work begins, we will review the full process with you including estimated costs.
How long will my job take?
We will go over scheduling with you when booking your project. Sawing jobs can usually be scheduled within a week or so. Kiln drying jobs typically only take 1 or 2 weeks in the kiln; this does not include the time until a spot opens up. The timing for furnishing are variable; 6 to 8 weeks is common.