Use Your Ash Trees

Emerald Ash Borer: Making Good From Bad

uses of ash

Ash is wonderful to work with, is strong and resilient and if sawn correctly, can be incredibly beautiful. We have done many, many projects with ash including live edge tables, bar tops, paneling, flooring, mantels, beams, etc. As an example of what can do done with ash check out: Upstaging the ash borer By Bill McAuliffe, Star Tribune from the Minneapolis Star Tribune (January 25, 2011). Run Of The Mill has produced all of the finish wood for Eagan's new Fire Safety Center out of local ash logs: flooring, paneling, beams, millwork, etc.

Many people do not realize how beautiful ash can be. This Flickr slideshow show an example of what can be done with ash. These photos were taken at the Saefty Center's grand opening. It was the hit of the show!

If your logs are already infected with the ash borer or are from an infected area, the logs can not be moved and will have to be sawn on site. All of the waste from sawing must be disposed of properly. The wood from infected trees is still good and can be used for many purposes. Our vacuum kiln processing kills all insects and insect larvae that may be present in the wood.

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