About Us

About Us Photo Run of the Mill is a family-owned business located in Mankato MN. The owner's name is John Kaliski. Our mission is to provide high quality, onsite sawmilling and kiln drying services and products to the small and medium-sized landowner in the Southern Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin areas. We are not the largest sawmill but we take tremendous pride in what we do. Our customers enjoy working with us.


We are wood workers with a passion for trees and a love for being outdoors. Our interest in sawmills started from adversity. In 2001 a bad storm blew down many large hard Maple and Ash trees on our property. Not wanting to waste the trees and being tired of paying sky high hardwood prices, we checked into our options. Tree services were too expensive; the job was too small for loggers and we did not want their heavy equipment to further damage our land. Thus Run of the Mill was born.


In the years we have been doing this we have added many services including express vacuum kiln drying and millwork processing such as flooring, paneling, live edge slabs, mantels, bartops, etc. We have made lots of good friends in the years we have been in business.. Check out Our Friends' WWW sites. They produce great things.


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Services We Provide

We are a "full service" shop and can do all of the steps to turn your logs into lumber and beyond.
  • Sawing
    Start the process with custom sawing.
  • Kiln Drying
    Next the wood needs to be dried.
  • Pricebook
    The pricing is ala carte. We do as much or as little as you want.
  • Hardwood Sales
    We mostly work in oak, walnut, ash, and maple.
  • Live Edge Slabs
    Live edge slabs make beautiful surfaces of all kinds.

Our Work

Advanced Vacuum Kiln Drying Of Lumber
Bandsaw Sawmill Gets The Most From Your Logs
Sustainably Harvested  Live Edged Wood Slab
We produce a variety of Millwork